Recuva Data Recovery

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The Recuva Data Recovery is an amazing file recovery software free download. In our daily life, we are touched with digital gadgets, where we take pictures, shot videos, create business-related documents and send business-related emails. But we had experienced lots of time that unconsciously important files (images, videos, email and other files) deleted by mistake. Imagine yourself that all life Pictures, Videos, Emails, and other business-related documents suddenly deleted and you have great emotions with concern deleted data. In this situation, you are curious to find out the deleted data at any cost. Don’t worry today we are here presenting amazing users friendly Recuva data recovery software free download to help you to find out files wise data recovery without interrupted.

Recuva data recovery or Recuva photo recovery software is developed by Piriform. It is capable to undelete files that have been marked as deleted in operating system. It means that when we delete the file in the system, the file location move in Recycle Bin and we will be able to recover the undelete files free. Because we can see the file and it is recoverable easily. The same file is deleted from Recycle Bin, so we will not able to recover the same file easily. The position of the same file is still saved in the hard disk, after deletion. In this situation, we use a different kind of file recovery freeware software to recover the deleted importance data.

The piriform Recuva or CCleaner can recover deleted files from Hard disk drives, Memory cards, USB flash drives, and portable media players. Recuva portable has an effective tool for salvaging files, we sent for recycling and deleted in the past. Recuva data recovery services software can recover lost directory structure and automatically renames files when trying to recover two files of the same name.



· Windows-friendly:

Recuva data recovery is supportable all operating systems and specially Recuva data recovery software supported by Windows 10, 8.1, 7 and XP and comprises a simple wizard and other advanced options.

· Freeware:

The Recuva data recovery is freeware software and it is easy accessible and use-able all visitors to recover my files download. But, piriform Recuva also is offering to buy a lifetime license for usage of the software.

· User-Friendly:

The environment of Recuva data recovery is user-friendly and the Recuva data recovery software step by step instructions are guided us to how to drive the software easy way.

· Relaxed Download:

The Recuva data recovery software can easily be downloaded. Because the size of the file within 10 MB and not takes much time to download.

· Easy Installation:

The Recuva data recovery is one of the coolest software and installation procedure is very easy and users friendly.

· File Type:

The Recuva data recovery is powerful software to provide the option to recover each type of file separately. It’s containing the options all files, Pictures, Music, Documents, Video, Compressed and Email.

· Drives Supportable:

The Recuva data recovery software is making available the options of recover data, from all types of drives like USB flash, Hard disk, media card, and iPod etc.

· Image Preview:

The Recuva data recovery software has powerful feature to show the preview recovered images and support you to reach your important pictures.

· Fast and Efficient:

The Recuva data recovery is capable to represent the recovery result within a few seconds. But sometimes the result will not according to desired data. In this concern, we have to utilize other options that will take much time to provide the desired data.

· Online Help:

The Recuva data recovery software provides complete online help support. An online support link is available below the left screen of Recuva software in the final recovered screen.



· Low Rate:

The Recuva software is not as powerful as other professional tools recover the data. The Recuva recovery data rate lesser than other profession tools.

· Not Recoverable:

Recuva is only able to recover the small files, but it will not provide the facilities to recover the big size files. If you are really worried about losing data, so please buy the Recuva professional license software. Only one-time payment, provide the access lifetime usage.

· Damages file:

The Recuva software mostly time recover the important file in other format or damages format, which is not opened by the specific format and needs other software to repair the file.

· Lost Partition:

If the system hard disk partitions suddenly removed and all important data lost due to the partitions and you want to recover the data quickly. So Recuva software is unable to recover the lost partition data.  

· Lack of feature:

If we compare the other professional data recovery data software with Recuva software that has less feature option than other software.

· Not available other O.S:

Recuva software is only available for the Windows operating system and the same software version is not available in Mac system users.

· Over Write issue:

If you want to download the Recuva software in the same hard disk, so system will overwrite the same data in place of your important data and the chance of losing data is increasing.

· Not Recoverable:

The Piriform Recuva introduced the software as undeletion software instead of data recovery data.

· Time consumption:

The process of Recuva software is slower than another data recovery professional software. It takes much time to recover the data with other professional software.

· PST file not recover:

As per my practical experienced that outlook PST file is unrecovered able by Recuva software. Because, software is unable to find out, the big size of email files. It is not recommended to recover the email PST file.


Recuva review

We are here to discuss the review of the Recuva software that what is a Recuva, how to use Recuva and is Recuva safe for the user. Let us discuss all features of the Recuva, with share the review of the personal experience.

The Recuva software is undeletion program for windows and especially is designed for recover undeleted file from the hard disk, USB flash, portable media and memory cards and it is user friendly software and Recuva program specially design with bunch of instruction that will step by step will support you, with easy step that How to use the Recuva for recovery of important data.

The most frequent question is asked from Google search engine that is Recuva safe software for recovery of deleted files from all types of drives. The answer is “Yes”. The Recuva software is completely safe for use, in all types of Windows. But, if you want to know about Recuva professional review regarding Recuva software and provide the 95 % accurate data recovery result and is recommended to buy the lifetime Recuva license and use it professional ways.

The other most frequent question is asked what Recuva portable is. Let suppose that the computer operating system is continuing the process of programs, with a bunch of instruction, inserted in the software. The operating system software data are saved in the computer most important device is called Hard disk. The Hard disk is nonstop managing and saving the files inside the disk, with different sectors. When, we started to use the windows and download different kinds of files like videos, images, documents and other types of files from our system. The backhand O.S is preparing the list of information that where downloaded files should be saved in Hard disk drive sectors. Most of the times, we have deleted the files from the system. So the O.S system is just removed the visual file existence from the computer Recycle Bin. But backhand the data is still saved in hard disk in the same sectors. But O.S is declared the unwanted or useless file and removes the file complete information from the list and considers that space or sector should be used new upcoming data overwrite in place of deleted files. Now it is very easy to understand that Recuva portable is the process that without interrupted the hard disk space to keep the Recuva.exe file inside the USB flash. Because, in general perspective we directly download the software from the Hard disk and backhand O.S may be replaced with the same data in place of your important data.

The always keep save the Recuva.exe software inside the folder in the USB flash, with the name of Recuva. Any time, if you are wanted to recover the important data; so please connect the USB with the computer system and run the setup of Recuva data recovery.exe file. Note that Recuva portable software is not needed to install, it just opens and support you to recover the data without overwriting.

As my personal experience that please always install the Recuva or save on Recuva portable version on the desktop and it provides quick support to recover the data.

Another frequent question raised in all search engines regarding Recuva for android mobile use. Yes, Recuva is available Google play store free version and if you want to retrieve the 95% accurate data so kindly recommended buying the apps. As my experienced that always save the Recuva in your smart mobile for safety purposes and provide quick support to recover the data any time.

Recuva data recovery key features

Now let’s discuss the key features of Recuva data recovery software and properly elaborate the deepest features ever been explained by another website.

· Recover undeleted file on the drive

Recuva data recovery is capable to recover deleted photos from sd card, computer hard disk, and also Recuva recover music files from iPod, USB flash and other media players. But Recuva design all types of file recovery.

· Recuva data Recovery All Files,

The Recuva data Recovery provides the charming option that in some scenarios, we are unaware that which file had deleted in our system. Therefore, “All Files” options will recover all sorts of files random basis.

· Recuva data Recovery Pictures,

Recuva data recovery pictures are supported you that recover all types of images deleted from your hard drive, UPS flash and another kind of drive. It can retrieve the images file types PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF and other formats types from a random basis.

· Recuva data Recovery Music

The Recuva data recovery Music is supported you that recover all types of Music deleted from IPod, Hard drive, USB and other types of drive. It can retrieve the Music file types MP4, MP3, WMA, WAV and MPEG4 and other formats types from a random basis.

· Recuva data Recovery Documents

The Recuva data recovery Document is supported you that recover all types of Documents deleted from all types of drives. It can retrieve the documents files types PDF, Doc, Docx, Xls, MDB, and Ppl other formats types from a random basis.

· Recuva data Recovery Compressed

The Recuva data recovery Compressed is supported you that recover all types of compressed deleted Hard disk, USB flash, iPod and other types of drives. It can retrieve the compressed file types ZIP, RAR, ARJ, TAR, GZ and TGZ, and other formats types from a random basis.

· The Recuva data recovery video

The Recuva data recovery Video is supported you that recover all types of video deleted from Hard disk, USB flash, iPod and other types of drives. It can retrieve the video file types MPEG4, 3GPP, MOV, AVI and FLV, and other formats types from a random basis.

· The Recuva data recovery Emails

The Recuva data recovery Email is supported you that recover all types of Email deleted from Hard disk, USB flash and other types of drives. It can retrieve the Emails file of Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Microsoft Outlook and other formats types from a random basis.


Installation of Recuva Software

The Recuva V1.53 is a supportable all Windows operating system. But Recuva V1.53 available installer version and run the “rcsetup153” install the complete software directly in “C” drive. Other Recuva V1.53 version is called Recuva portable and it does not need to install the complete software specific drive. Because portable software file “Recuva” and “recuva64” are .exe file and directly open without installing. These files directly past anywhere in the computer or save it on USB for usage purposes at any time. Now let Start to Learn the Software Step by Step Procedure that how to recover data.

Step 1- Download the installer

The Recuva data Recovery V1.53 both types of files are available. Click on the below buttons and Download the desire Recuva V1.53 files.

Step 2 – Run the installer

After the Recuva data recovery download is completed and click on rcsetup153 and start installing the Recuva software. As the screenshot is attached below.

Recuva Setup install

Step 3 – Follow the instructions

The Recuva data recovery software follows the instructions to install Recuva. When the setup is completed, kindly select the option that “I want to manually reboot later”. The screenshot is attached below.

Recuva manually reboot

Step 4 – Now start recovering data

After installing the completed Recuva data recovery software. Kindly is open the Recuva file on desktop or is open Recuva portable file directly. The first below screen will appear that Welcome to the Recuva Wizard. Now click on the “Next “button.

Welcome to Recuva

Step 5 – Select the type of the file.

After the Welcome to the Recuva Wizard screen. The second screen will appear ask to select file type or sort of file; that what types of file do you want to recover. If you want recover pictures, Music, Documents, Video, compressed files or Email files. If you are not sure, that what types files deleted from your system. So kindly select the “All Files” and click on the Next button.

Recuva File Type

Step 6 – Select the location.

After the selection of File type previous screen, now the next screen will appear “File location”. The below-mentioned screen will ask you that Where were the files save in the system or another drive. If you have deleted the files from your system my documents or on my media card or iPod or In the Recycle Bin. Please select the desired location for the recovery of the files. If you are not sure, that where the files were saved. So please select the top option that I’m not sure. If you want to recover the data from USB, so please select it in a specific location. The last and final option will recover the data from the CD/ DVD location.

Recuva File location