DiskDigger Photo Recovery

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DiskDigger Photo Recovery


DiskDigger Photo Recovery is a remarkable data recovery software free download and recovers Diskdigger undelete and DiskDigger undelete (root) from mobile free file. Diskdigger photo recovery pro or DiskDigger data recovery is freeware software for data recovery. Before starting to discuss Diskdigger Photo Recover pro or DiskDigger data recovery apk, that bunch of Questions needs to debate that what is DiskDigger? How to use Diskdigger? How to use DiskDigger photo recovery? Is DiskDigger safe? We will discuss the Diskdigger Photo recovery in all aspects in this article.

 I am undoubtedly sure that you’re here during this article to looking at such secure data recovery software. You’re upset and have lost all precious records from, Hard disk, USB flash, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, iPod, CD, optical disc and SD Card, etc. we all know the worth of relevant data like family or business-related pictures, life occasion videos, Business related emails, and documents were lost, because of accident, virus attack, data corrupt, partitions, different several reasons. Don’t worry today. Our post justifies regarding recovery software with my personal experiences, which will support you in searching out lost data while not interrupted.

Diskdigger photo recovery software is users’ friendly software free package to assist you in recovering undeleted files unrestricted. DiskDigger is an extremely most straightforward software free package and capable of recovering data fastest manner with many file types. It will recuperate the accidentally deleted data, formatted, Recycle Bin Empty data, lost Partition knowledge, disk drive corrupted data, virus attack data, OS crash data, and recover RAW partition data with no hassle. It will recuperate hundreds of for of files like Document, Graphics, Video, Audio, Email, and different file sorts.

DiskDigger Features

DiskDigger mainly is designed to recover deleted files from most of the stored data that your laptop will read: a Storage device, mobile memory card, USB drives, DVD, CDs, and floppy disks. Remember, DiskDigger software not capable of recovering essential data straight from IOS or Android gadgets connected with a USB port on your laptop. To retrieve significant data associate Android gadgets, with the request you that use the DiskDigger app for android. And your mobile device uses an SD memory card for storing the data, please take away the memory card and attach it on to your laptop card reader, so you’ll scan it directly using DiskDigger for Windows.)

DiskDigger photo data recovery pro has 2 active modes of the process that you will select anytime you scan a disk. These modes are denoting as “dig deep” and “dig deeper.” Here could be a quick list of options for every method:

Dig Deep

The DiskDigger photo data recovery apk first mode dig deep is to recover Undelete files from FAT (FAT32, FAT12, FAT16), exFAT partitions, and NTFS. DiskDigger is capable of recovering several sorts of data and can sort retrievable data with size, name, and directory.

Dig Deeper

The DiskDigger photo data recovery second mode is to Dig deeper.  This operational process scans all disk and finds out specific file types with this process following files, type search.

DiskDigger Photos and images files types:
The DiskDigger photo recovery can deeply scanning the storage device and can recover the following sorts of files JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, ICO, CR2, SR2, NEF, DCR, PEF, RAF, and RW2.

DiskDigger document files types

The DiskDigger photo recovery can deeply scanning the storage device and can recover the following documents sorts of files  DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PTX, VSD, PDF, XML, RTF, WPD, WPS, XPS, WRI, ODT, ODS, ODP, ODG, etc.

DiskDigger Audio and video:

The DiskDigger photo recovery can deeply scanning the storage device and can recover the following audio and video sorts of files MP3, WMA, AVI, WAV, FLV,WMV, MOV, M4A , M4V, MP4, 3GP, F4V, MPEG-4, RM, RMVB, MKV, MPEG , AU ,MTS, M2TS, MPEG2, R3D, APE, OFR, PPM, PGM, PBM and WEBM.

DiskDigger Compressed archives:
The searches photo recovery can deeply scanning storage devices and can recover the following Compressed archives sorts of files RAR, 7Z, GZ, SIT, ACE, CAB, and SZDD.

The DiskDigger photo recovery can deeply scanning the storage device and can recover the following Compressed archives sorts of files ISO, EXE, DLL, MDB, ACCDB, DBX, XAC, KMY, DWG, DXF, CHM, TTF, TTC, KMZ, and WALLET.DAT.

Common Features

DiskDigger supportable

The DiskDigger photo recovery is sustainable windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista, and Windows XP and supportable 64bit and 32 bit for windows.

DiskDigger Linux

DiskDigger photo recovery also works in the Linux operating system.

DiskDigger Previews

The DiskDigger photo recovery is software provides thumbnail previews along with the list of the recovered file. With the support of this feature, we can zoom the image file and also can play the MP3 audio before salvage the data.


Acceptable all Types of file:

The DiskDigger Photo recovery software is design to recover more than hundreds of types of files, and it can show the recuperated result with separate file types and more comfortable to use to find out required file types on a rapid basis.

The Virtual interface

The DiskDigger Photo recovery has a graphical virtual interface that is very simple, and the user can see the recovered information with a preview graphical virtual interface.

Recover Emails files

The DiskDigger Photo recovery software can recover the small size of Email files of Microsoft Outlook and types of emails. But you are requested that please use other professional software to recuperate the big-size of email files.

The Acceptable all Hard drives

The DiskDigger Photo recovery software can accept all kinds of hard drives. Due to DiskDigger, we will able to recover the data from the USB, Computer Hard disk, MP3 iPod, Memory Cards, and another storage device acceptable.

Acceptable all Operating System

The DiskDigger Photo recovery software can be accessible with all types of Windows versions operating system and also available Linux operating system.


The DiskDigger Photo recovery software environment is user supportable with simple software instructions that will support the users to utilize the software without hurdle.

Fast Scanning

The DiskDigger Photo recovery software, data recovery features are quite good and fast scanning. But compare the DiskDigger with other professional software with performance base that DiskDigger scanning is less fast with other software.

 Save Session Recover File

The DiskDigger Photo recovery software gives another brilliant feature that we can stop the recovery session and able to save the course for further use. Next time open the software and click on restore the course and select the saved file in the system and resume the data recovery process that where was it stopped.

DiskDigger Free Download

The DiskDigger Photo recovery software is freeware software for download. The size of the file less than one MB and can be download slow internet speed. The DiskDigger does not need to install the software.

 DiskDigger cost-effective

The DiskDigger Photo recovery software can be downloaded free and can recover the data freely. But the company is offering the lifetime license only 14 dollars for use. If you are satisfied with DiskDigger software, so recommended buying the software.

Over Write Issue

The DiskDigger Photo recovery software does not need to install the software, and we directly run via a connected USB drive. With the above mentioned features, DiskDigger software is not over the storage device and minimizes the risk of lost data


Restricted Preview Option

The DiskDigger Photo recovery software can only provide the preview of images, documents and can play audio-only. It does not have the feature to show videos preview, and other types of file preview also restricted.

Restricted Features

The DiskDigger Photo recovery software is freeware only have limited features compared with other professional software like Recuva data recovery, EaseUS data recovery, and Disk drill software have more great features compare with DiskDigger.

Restricted Recovery Data

The DiskDigger Photo recovery software is designed to recover the small sizes of files like images, audios, and docs, etc. But it is restricted to retrieve the big-size data like emails PST, big-size compressed, Big size videos and other big size files are not recoverable by DiskDigger.

 DiskDigger Review

 Now let discuss DiskDigger Photo Recovery, with share the personal experiences. I have been using the DiskDigger software for more than 06 years. Mostly time, I used DiskDigger software to recover the deleted pictures from different types of storage devices. Do you now that DiskDigger Company currently targeted and make Android and IPhone data recovery apps. But we are only discussing computer data recovery in this article.

The DiskDigger is uninstalling software that recovers undeleted files from the computer, iPod, MP3 device, CD, DVD, memory card, and USB flash. With two unique features, “Dig Deep” and “Dig Deeper” can quickly recuperate the imports data from storage devices. Now here, the question arises that How many percent DiskDigger suitable for Recovery? As per my personal experiences that DiskDigger Photo Recovery can rescue 90% images. But others file, especially videos or emails, are the big size file and can be recovered 60% or less. Therefore you are requested to use this software for recovery of images only. Furthermore, discuss some essential questions always ask Google and Bing search engines.  

What is DiskDigger?

The DiskDigger application works quickly with no registration procedure. It works on all windows operating systems, Linux, and smartphones that support the various Android systems, and it provides an easy to use interface. Then it allows the user to choose the images, videos again, and other lost data by the unusual activity that he or she would like to get back by DiskDigger to recover lost pictures and videos other documents and keep them in the portable device, memory of the phone, USB and other storages method. The DiskDigger application is available free of charge on Google Search engine and Google Play for smartphones. DiskDigger application provides excellent features that allow you to recover deleted files without difficulty. The DiskDigger lets you retrieve deleted photos and is among the tools a user can depend on if this problem occurs.

How to use DiskDigger?

How to use DiskDigger photo recovery?

There are a few intriguing things to note about the data, as mentioned earlier, recovery article. To make the specific recovery of data or photo recovery, First, open the DiskDigger Software, and where you have selected concern drive for recover images or other required data that you would like to restore data correctly, you can visit the next step. Contrary to other similar applications, it is going to enable us to recover our lost images or other required data with no issue.

The DiskDigger software has its particular features with various compatibilities and performance. It’s quite easy to use completely free software. As the name implies, free software provides limited features, and you can retrieve particular photos, videos, audios, messages, documents, and other types of data at one time with it.

After DiskDigger software scanning completed, so select the kind of files you wish to recuperate. Now, you are going to be asked to choose the data you want to recover and then click on RECOVER on the cap of the screen. Download DiskDigger Latest Version If you would like to restore deleted files quickly, DiskDigger may be the software of your selection. The step by step procedure details will be discussed further in the continuation.

Is DiskDigger safe for the user?

In Google and Bing Search engine, the well-known question raised by the searcher that is DiskDigger safe for use. The answer is “Yes,” the DiskDigger is safe for the user. Because DiskDigger software does not overwrite the Hard disk with the unique feather that software does not need installation in the system. The DiskDigger directly open without installation. 

Installation Software & How to Use  DiskDigger Software

We have discussed the complete review of the software, along with features, pros and cons, and some essential questions. Now learn regarding the installation of DiskDigger software and how to drive the DiskDigger in computer or mobile entirely and retrieve the import data. Let Start discuss the step by step procedure.

Step 1- Download the DiskDigger File    

The DiskDigger Photo Recovery software downloaded below stated buttons click. Then click on the first button will take you directly on Google Drive that where you can download the DiskDigger without obstacle. Then click on the second button will drive you on DiskDigger’s leading site that where you can download the software. 

Step 2- Extract DiskDigger File

After downloading of DiskDigger Photo Recovery Software, Not we have to extract the DiskDigger downloaded the file. The below screen will support you that How to Extract the file. 

diskdigger photo recovery

Step 3- Start Disk Digger Software.

After the second step, the file extracted completed. Now double click on the unzip folder of DiskDigger, Where right click on the “Diskdigger” icon and click on open. Note that DiskDigger Photo Recovery software does not need to install in the system and due to the same quality, distinguish the software with other professional data recovery software. 

diskdigger photo recovery